Martha Inspires Foundation

Help to better educate the poor children

Our Virtue

What ever we share with the community, come back to us as a great reward

Become a Volunteer

We welcome both local and international to help in our mentorship and reading clinic.

Sharing & Motivation

By helping others achieve their dreams brings a great joy of happiness.


We encourage the great people of Ghana to help Us build a better future.

About Us


We help the young generation to come up with something productive together.


We put smile on the face of the children, by helping shape their future.


We give the children the right advice so that they can step in the real life with hope and aspiration.


We motivate the up coming generation of young children to become role models.

Team Work

Without team work, we wouldn't be able to achive anything in out lifes. With greate team work we achieve everything.


We engage this younger generation in further learning through our reading clinic.

Contact Us


Mon - Fri, 8:00 - 22:00

+233 549 790 557